A Match Made in Heaven?

Hello everyone.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have read a tweet I posted earlier today, about how I went to a Boots store to try the new No7 Foundation Match Made Service. I mentioned how excited I was about this new service in a previous post titled ‘No more excuses‘ and so now I have tried it I’d like to let you know what I thought.

Before talking about the service I think it’s best if I actually tell you a little bit about my skin tone and what sort of shade of foundation I wear.

My face is darker than my body, I think it’s just genetics. I’d say I’m of a light-medium complexion all over my body (very pale on the chest) and a medium complexion on my face. While other people don’t find the difference of tones shocking, I can see it and it bothers me very much so I’ve tried a few tricks to remedy to this situation.

Some people think you should always match your foundation to your face, well I’m inclined to disagree and I believe your face should match the rest of your body. the all point of wearing foundation is to even out skin tone, you wouldn’t wear foundation on your entire body so it will go with your face… Or would you? I am pretty sure many makeup artists would agree with me and every time I get a make over at a M.A.C. or just ask for a face product, I am matched to a light colour, sometimes as light as a NC20. Of course I avoid foundation shades that are clearly too light for me (anything under NC20) and I now only go as high a coverage as medium coverage, I do not want to look like a ghost. So I’d say I generally have foundation shades similar to NC25 and some more like NC30 if I am tanned. I have talked how picky I was with the shades I wear and I am aware this may have irritated a few beauty ladies at my local department store.

So pick me went to a small Boots store yesterday to see what colour I was in their new range of foundations. The sales assistant took makeup off both my jawlines and put the matching device on both of them, it came out as a Deeply Honey. Now, from seeing the foundation, I knew it was too dark, and it was too dark for my face and that’s not in comparison wit my body, it was just too dark. I didn’t say anything as I still wanted to see how the foundation would look like on my face. I wanted to try the No7 Essentially Natural Foundation and so the lady applied it on one cheek and blended it well. This is a lightweight foundation and blended very well. I applied some on my other cheek, took a mirror outside with me and it looked spectacular!

Because I’m curious and because I wanted to shut everyone who told me my face and body were the same colour up, I asked if we could try the device on my chest, I was matched a Warm Sand in the No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Foundation, this is a huge difference.

I stayed with the previous reading because it didn’t look as dark blended into my skin as it did when it came out of the tube. Two hours later, I wasn’t so convinced with the shade anymore so decided to go back the next day just in case.

And so I went to a bigger Boots store today (just because the colour range they stock is wider and I wanted to have a look at some Essie nail polishes), this time with a sample of what I believe is my most perfect match, YSL Teint Touche Éclat, BD40 and BD50 mixed together. I explained what my situation was and the lady was very helpful, when we reapplied the same colour and foundation I tried the previous day, we both could see it was too dark, we tried the shade Warm Beige as it also has yellow undertone and is lighter, we were not convinced. And so we decided to do another reading on my cheeks, today I was a Warm Sand… Now, this shade is much lighter than Deeply Honey and it is the same as the one found for my chest. It would have been pretty amazing but it doesn’t exist in the  No7 Essentially Natural Foundation and the foundation in which it exists has a matte finish, which I steer clear of.

Not one to give up, I took everything off half of my face and put on that Warm Beige all over my clean skin, it looked very good and it blended alright with my chess, I took a gamble and bought it. When I got home a few hours back, I applied it all over my face ad looked in a natural light, I think it’s the right choice, and I’ll have a review for you soon.

So what do I think of the service? How accurate is it?

Both the No7 ladies yesterday and today were very good and knowledgeable. Considering it was a new service, they knew everything about it and managed to answer all my questions and the first one recommended the right foundation in the range to me. I went in half an hour before closing yesterday and the lady spent most of the end of her shift helping me. Today I was helped for probably thirty minutes and the sales assistant knew from the beginning I was only exchanging a shade for another. In this aspect this is such a high-end service, I am very impressed.

If you are in a hurry or don’t want to buy anything on the day, you’re given a leaflet with more information. In it, you will be able to complete a skin assessment that will help you find which foundation of the range would suits you best. I completed it out of curiosity and  the lady did indeed recommend the right foundation.

Now I did get two different readings on my face in less than twenty four hours, should I think the match making device isn’t accurate? I’d say no. I have some scaring from my jawlines making my skin tone pretty uneven on these specific areas of my face. Maybe yesterday’s reading came from a darker patch of my face? If you have the same problem maybe consider asking the ladies if it would be a good idea to take the reading on a very even part of your face.

I must touch on something that I was disappointed with though. I went in thinking every single one of the new foundations would have all the new shades and it turns out that they don’t. When I was match to Warm Sand today, I was looking forward to try it but the only foundation it is in is No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Foundation which has a matte finish and a heftier coverage than what I am after. Maybe the range isn’t complete yet and more colours will be added later on?

The service itself seems to be very popular, many ladies came in to get themselves matched while I was there.

Though there were few hiccups and it wasn’t as straight forward as I hoped it would be I think this is a fantastic service. This is a genius idea the No7 team has been working on for years and it is absolutely amazing to see a high street brand offer such a service for free. I can’t begin to imagine how much work they’ve put into it.

This week, I went to Boots and got a high end service, twice. Thank you. I think you should go too.