Still chapped.

Hello everyone.

I thought I’d write an article about a lip product I got recently. I’ve mentioned before, I have very dry chapped lips and I have trouble finding products that keep them looking healthy while moisturizing them. I’ve tried quite a few things and generally just go back to plain old Vaseline until I hear about the next ‘best lip balm’.

Korres Lip Butters are highly talked about in the beauty community, I can name a few bloggers who’ve talked about them : FleurDeForce and ViviannaDoesMakeUp, only to cite a couple. So I’ve looked at swatches and read more reviews and thought I’d try one out myself, I went for the jasmine one.

The lip butter comes in a small plastic tub, there is nothing special about the packaging but it is very well presented.

The jasmine version is a salmon colour balm (it looks pink on the picture) and before going any further, I’d like to say, it doesn’t smell of anything like jasmine… It smells like candy floss, I love the smell!

Unless you remember to use a cotton bud or a brush each time, you will have to dip your finger in the tub to get the product out, some of you might not like this and it isn’t the most hygienic way to use lip balm.

The Korres Lip Butter has the same consistency as Vaseline and doesn’t taste of anything. I saw some leave a slight tint on the lips, this one doesn’t, but it puts some shine on the lips.

I was very excited when I bought the product and I had high expectations (as usual) well I have to say, as much as I want to love it and tell you it works wonders on my lips, I’m afraid I can’t. The Korres Lip Butter feels fine on the lips but doesn’t last long (it’s gone in a matter of minutes). My lips are not dry or chapped when it is on but then they simply return to their dry selves if I don’t reapply the butter. I’ve found myself out and about having to reapply it constantly so my lips wouldn’t feel dry and uncomfortable. It came to a point when I started wondering if the product wasn’t actually drying my lips out…

It’s a shame really, this product has so many fans for whom it works. Though I genuinely like the small pot, the texture of the product and love the smell, the Korres Lip Butter just doesn’t work for me and so I have to give it the thumb down.

If you do have very dry, chapped lips I’d suggest you try something different, as I said above I always end up going back to plain old Vaseline. But if you fancy trying a Korres Lip Butter, have a look here.