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2012 in Review.

Hello everyone.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,700 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Hope you all enjoy reading my stats, I’d say they are pretty good, considering I only started this blog on 31st August.

I am looking forward to bringing you new articles and more pictures in 2013.

Happy New Year everyone!



Advent Calendar – Day 24.

Hello everyone.

Today is the latest day on the YOU Advent Beauty Calendar and I got to open the last window. What did I get?

AS London Candle.


As for many of the other products in this Advent calendar, I have never heard of AS London but I do like candles and so I thought it was quite a nice idea to get a candle.

This is a small 12ml sample in a clear glass jar with a black plastic screw lid. I like that the sample actually looks like the full size candle, only in a smaller size.

I am however a little confused as I’m not sure if the candle is meant to be scented or not… The brand states that the candles are made with “eco soya wax and wicks that have been infused with the world’s finest essential oils“, the sample I have smells just like a standard wax candle to me.

I did still burn it, maybe the essential oils are more noticeable when the wick is burning? I have to say I did not smell anything at all, maybe it is literally just a candle?

I just went on AS London‘s website to try to figure out what these candles are. The brand sells eight different candles, one for each letter of the brand’s name, they are all £36 and the only thing that differentiate them is the letter on the jar.

So yes, I really don’t know about this sample, I like burning candles so it’s nice to have it on but I wish I could smell a fragrance. If anyone knows anymore about these candles, please do comment on this article.

This is it for the YOU Advent Beauty Calendar all in all, I will be using most of the sample I got during this month. My only regret is that  I bought the calendar a couple of days before it went half price, had I got it for under £30, I would have said that it was an outstanding value. Though it is apparently worth over £210 and I paid under £60 for it, I feel like it’s just a good price rather than an amazing one. I will definitely keep an eye out for exclusive Advent calendars next year.

One more sleep until Christmas.


Advent Calendar – Day 23.

Hello everyone.

23rd December already! So, what did I get in the YOU Advent Beauty Calendar today?

Balm Balm Rose Geranium Lip Balm


Never heard of the brand, but it is a 100% organic and 100% natural so I guess it won’t hurt.

The product comes in an all black pot and it is apparently a lip balm and more, a multi purpose balm in short. It looks white in the container but it’s a clear balm, nothing special there.

I have to say I am not too keen on the scent… Very strong, and not to my liking. At all. To the point that I won’t use it I’m afraid.

Honestly though, I think only standard Vaseline works on my chapped lips.

Only one window left in the YOU Advent Beauty Calendar! Tune in tomorrow and find out what I get.


Advent Calendar – Day 22.

Hello everyone.

The world hasn’t ended and so I did get to open the 22nd window of the YOU Advent Beauty Calendar, and you get to see what I got.

Mont Bleu Glass Nail File


This nail file is very small and comes in a protective plastic sleeve. I’ve never heard of the brand Mont Bleu. I quite like the fact the fact that this one is very small as it’s easy to take away when traveling. I can also imagine some women would like something this small to carry in their handbag to fix a broken nail on the go.

I do actually already have something very similar, the Leighton Denny Crystal Nail Filewhich I can’t live without. I did mention that I regretted now buying the bigger size so not sure I’ll love the Mont Bleu one. Still, I am quite curious to see how the two compare to each other, one is glass the other crystal.

See you tomorrow for day 23.


Advent Calendar – Day 21.

Hello everyone.

I can’t quite believe it’s already 21st December… The year has gone by so fast and this might be the last article you ever read on my blog… It is the end of the world, or is it?

Well we should have a few hours before the end of the world and so I did open window 21 of my YOU Advent Beauty Calendar and this is what I found.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxydant+


I’ve heard of the brand Trilogy and was actually thinking of trying this specific range, so I am glad I get this 7 day trial sample (2.5ml), this should give enough time to see some potential results.

The sample itself comes in an impeccably presented glass bottle with a functional pipette, this is a plus. The oil itself is clear with a slight amber tint to it and look and feel a lot like MoroccanoilThe scent is quite odd, I can smell a bit of fragrance but it really does smell like olive oil to me, not that it matters since it really isn’t strong.

This looks like a very promising product, and a very relevant item to put in a beauty Advent calendar, with the weather getting colder. Pretty happy with this sample.

Wonder what’s behind tomorrow’s window? Let’s hope there is a tomorrow.


Christmas Gift Guide #6 – Last Minute/In a Rush.

Hello everyone.

Did you that today 2pm was the deadline for online shopping with next-day delivery that guarantees your shopping will arrive in time for Christmas? Well if you are reading this now, and haven’t placed your online orders, it is too late my dear… But that’s okay because there is always what I call the ‘Voucher Solution” which is perfect if you have missed this deadline, or if you are just that clueless about what to get someone.

This is just a quick guide of which gift voucher to get. Hope it helps!



I love Feelunique.com and really, who doesn’t? The online store has an enormous catalog that contains thousands of beauty and skincare products and offers free worldwide deliver. Everyone should find something nice on that online store. Just pick the value you want for your voucher, from £5 to £150 and either send it via email or print it at home.

Cult Beauty 


This is another fabulous place to shop online. Lot of cult products and exclusives are available on CultBeauty.co.uk, most of them come with reviews from professional and indeed famous makeup artists, hairdressers and other beauty specialists.

You get to pick the E-Gift Card value yourself, as long as it’s somewhere between £10 and £500, and it will be emailed to whoever you want to gift it to.

Space NK


Two good news and a bad news with this one. Good news first, Space NK is an amazing place to shop for cosmetics, the brands Chantecaille and Hourglass are both available there! The other good news is that the vouchers can be used both in store and online. The bad news is, and that’s only a bad news if you need the gift card for Christmas, you will need to go to a Space NK store to purchase one as the company doesn’t offer gift codes and the gift cards won’t get to you if you order them now.

Another thing worth noting is that the gift cards values start at £10 but you could get a £1000 one if you are buying for a very lucky person…

Apple and iTunes


Just because everyone wants something from Apple, and if they finally get it or have it already, they need iTunes cards to get Apps, music and films.

You can either go in an Apple store and purchase the gift cards there or get on the iTunes Store to buy and print the card.


We all know about Amazon and how this website sells all sort of things. If you are not sure what voucher to get, amazon is definitely a good choice, this website sells everything from cosmetics to DVDs and books and even gadgets.

I am not including a picture of the Amazon gift certificates as there are many ways to gift on this online store. You can email, print or mail gift codes, cards or even boxes and there are so many different designs. And can pick which value you want to gift, it just has to sit between £0.10 and £1000.

This is it for my ‘Christmas Gift Guides‘ series. Let me know if you bought anything from any of the guide I’ve put together this year.

Right! I am now allowing myself to buy presents… Yes, I always leave it until late! I am terrible at holding onto presents.


Advent Calendar – Day 20.

Hello everyone.

Today, I opened the 20th window of my YOU Advent Beauty Calendar and I am rather liking what I’m seeing.

Eve Lom Rescue Mask 


Oh, how glad am I that this comes in an actual tube rather than a sachet! And 15ml of product as well, I might be able to get two (maybe more) applications out of this.

I’ve heard of Eve Lom, and read very good reviews about their products so I am very much looking forward to trying this.

So far, I’ve only applied it on the back of my hand and so this is all I can say: it’s a cream, it as some rare (exfoliating?) beads in there, it smells a little bit minty and feel fresh on the skin.




Bargain Alert #1 – Essie.

Hello everyone.

This is just a cheeky post for all you nail polish lovers! A few Essie nail polishes are going for a little as £1.99 here. I’d say the colours are more spring and summer shades (mainly orange colours) but at such a low price, some of you might want to get those, for the collection…

Happy shopping!


Advent Calendar – Day 19.

Hello everyone.

I’m right on time with my YOU Advent Beauty Calendar post, it’s 19th December and here is what’s I found behind the rather large 19th window.

Yardley Royal English Daisy Refreshing Body Spray.


Let me tell you how relieved I was that this was not a can of hairspray! This is a generous 75ml can of body spray which is very handy to have in your handbag or gym bag.

I received a sample of the Yardley Royal English Daisy EDT in my November 2012 Joliebox, so I knew how this would smell as soon as I saw it. I’d say the body spray is slightly milder than the eau de toilette.

I still like the scent though wearing the EDT did give me a headache last week. I’m also still thinking that this fragrance is not a winter perfume and so I don’t think I’ll use it until spring.

Still, a good YOU Advent Beauty Calendar Day 19 is you like fresh floral fragrances.


Advent Calendar – Day 18.

Hello everyone.

So… I woke up this morning and realised that I’ve been enjoying using my Day 18 product very much yesterday but haven’t posted anything about it on my blog… Terribly sorry about that, I’ve got it here for you.



I am so delighted to have received this in my YOU Advent Beauty Calendar, I was actually thinking about buying some of it to try and to gift!

I love products which are presented in very traditional containers or/and packaging such as the L’Occitane products or the Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams and so, you can imagine how much I like this small tin with a gorgeous little design on it. The particular one I have is 70g of Steamcream in the Brugge Limited Edition by Mako Kikkawa tin. Another detail of the packaging I find ingenious is that the lid is actually a screw lid rather that one you just push on, this means I can take the product anywhere and not worry about it spilling in my handbag. Plus you can reuse the tins for storing ‘things’ when the Steamcream is finished.

The cream itself is a multipurpose moisturizer, handmade in the UK and Japan using all natural and fresh ingredients, it is suitable for daily use on face, body and hands. The product is a standard looking white cream, its texture is uncannily similar to the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre‘s (if any of you have tried it). The cream applies very nicely and sinks into the skin extremely well, leaving it feel soothed, moisturized and soft to the touch. Steamcream has a very herbal scent, I can smell lavender (lavender oil is one of the ingredients) which I’m not generally too keen on, though I don’t mind it in this cream.


I’ve mentioned (earlier in this article) that I’ve been enjoying using it all day yesterday so you would have guessed by now that I am very pleased with this product. I like the packaging, I like the texture, I like how the product performs, and though I’ve only been using for a day, I am already looking forward to picking out my next tin.

If you are still looking for Christmas presents and/or stocking fillers, consider one of these festive tin designs? Available here.


And of course, many more designs are available here.

I think this is my favourite YOU Advent Beauty Calendar product so far.