Glossybox February 2013 – Valentine’s Day.

by Juliette

Hello everyone.

I am rather impressed with how early I’ve received this month’s Glossybox, it’s only the 11th! I suppose, this box being the Valentine’s Day one, it’s only natural to receive it a few days before.

So the actual name of this month’s box is ‘Valentine’s Day – Will you be ours?’, very sweet. And very sweet is the box design: glossy pink box, with pale pink tissue paper and rose pink shredded paper.


Only downside is the leaflet, again, I don’t understand why more work isn’t put into this. I say it every month, the paper isn’t great, the printing could be a thousand time better. Why not have a nice magazine/leaflet, printed on some nice glossy paper, to go with the glossy box…

What came in the box this month?



Micabella Cosmetics Mineral Blush Powder in Terra Cotta – 0.8g sample (£34.95/9g). When I saw the small pot with a black lid, I was about to jump out of my skin; I thought this was another Bella Pierre eyeshadow. But phew, it wasn’t, this is a blush instead. Colour wise, I wouldn’t say this is a true terracotta, it’s paler and more orange, I’d say it’s a coral with a some shimmery flexes. Not my cup of tea but  I’ve never used a mineral powder blush before so I’ll try it and see how I get on.

ModelCo Eye Shadow Duo Palette in Bronzed Goddess – 2 x 2.35g sample (£18/3 x 2.35g). The two shades are Maldives and Jamaica (not sure which is which though) and one looks like a yellow/beige and the other a chocolate-brown, both with gold shimmers. From doing a few swatches, I can say that the lightest one (possibly Maldives) hasn’t got much of a colour payoff, it just applies as some shimmer. The darker one (possibly Jamaica) does have a much better pigmentation and translate quite well on the back of my hand. I would;t wear either of them before the warmer months.


Anatomicals You Need a Blooming Shower – 150ml (£5/300ml). In simple words, this is a rose scented shower gel. I like shower gels but but I really don’t like rose scented products. Won’t be using this but I’m sure I’ll fine someone who’d like it.

Helen E Cosmetics Moisturising Lipstick in Cafe au Lait – 3.5g (£8/3.5g). Nice, compact yet heavy packaging, perfect for the handbag, not particularly excited about the colour which is a brown nude with shimmer. I’ll see how I get on with it.



Docteur Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream – 30ml (£25/50ml). This is a body moisturizer. It smells like children’s toothpaste straight out of the tube, then straight up like raspberry tart on the skin. Not too excited about it.

I’m not overwhelmed by this Valentine’s Day box but I can see many people liking the content. I’ll definitely try the eyeshadows when I feel like my inner bronzed goddess can be unleashed and will see how to use the mineral blush out of that tiny pot.

One thing worth noting is that the value of the goods included in the box is quite high this month, definitely worth over the £10 for the box.

Please let me know what you got in your Glossybox this month.