My First Birchbox – January 2013 – Fresh Start.

by Juliette

Hello everyone.

I’m sure all of you UK beauty enthusiasts have heard about Birchbox buying Joliebox a few months back. And from this, I’m sure you all guessed the brand Joliebox would become Birchbox.

I was pretty excited about the news actually, Birchbox is one of the original beauty box and I know from watching and reading reviews from American subscribers, and the quality and value of these beauty boxes are a thousand time better than what e get in the UK.

So yes, Birchbox is finally here and I got mine today (it took a week to get to my porch because of the snow).

May I start by saying this: impeccable presentation… I love the new smaller brown (with hints of pink) box, the Birchbox Magazine is very well presented with very interesting articles.


There are two additional cards in the box, one talking about the company and explaining how the Birchbox UK membership works (pretty much the same as Joliebox did) and another with a message from the team and a list of the samples contained in the box.



Needless to tell you how excited I was to find out what I got after seeing such an impeccable presentation. So, in my first Birchbox, I received: a lip balm, a hair product, a nail and cuticle cream, a face cream and a lifestyle extra.


I’ll go through the products as I usually do, one by one, with my first impressions.

fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment – 2.2g sample (Full size £15.50). I am so excited to get this product. I’ve read and watched reviews about this and made me really want to try it, even more so because it isn’t available in the UK. Not only am I very pleased to get this lip treatment, I am also very positively pleased with the packaging, it is exactly like the full size one, only in a sample size, amazing. First impressions: not too keen on the smell, like the texture and love the tint the product leaves on the lips.

KMS California FREE SHAPE Quick Blow Dry – 30ml sample (£13.50/200ml). I had to blow dry my hair yesterday, it took me a hour and a half, so any product that says ‘quick blow dry‘ in it’s name is most welcome. Like from the product above, I am impressed with the packaging, same as the full size product, only smaller, I like this very much. The spray smells nice, like a hairdresser product. I am looking forward to trying it.

Reverence De Bastien Unguent for Nail and Cuticles – 15ml (£15.50). After a little bit of research, it looks like this is the full size product, and this pleases me. It’s a pink cream/gel, it smells sweet, and I am always up to try new products on my nails and cuticles.

WEI Royal Firming and Hydrating Cream – 4ml sample (£74/50ml). I did get this sample in a previous Glossybox, see here. I said it then, and I’ll say it again, it’s aimed at mature skin but I did enjoy using it.

Teapigs Chamomile Flower – 1 tea temple (£3.49 or £3.99/pack of 15). This is a caffeine free tea. There are three different flavors available, peppermint, chamomile and super fruit. I’m glad I got chamomile, it’s the only one out of the three I like. Very pleased.

I am so pleased with this first Birchbox, I love the presentation, the magazine and the content. Maybe an additional product could have been added, but again that would only have been a bonus; I am very pleased with the box.

I have to mention however, that Birchbox US seems to have even better products (samples and full sizes) than what we get in the UK. Again, this is true for most beauty boxes and it could be down to the companies who are working with the subscription boxes.

Birchbox is a monthly subscription box, and costs £10 (plus P&P) a month.  More details here.


Bonus Content.

I contacted Joliebox back in December 2012, to express how disappointed I was with my November and December boxes. The lovely Adrienne agreed to send me some additional products which were part of a SheSaidBeauty offer (enter the SSB code when subscribing to Joliebox and receive three additional products with your January 2013 box).

I did receive the trio in a separate package last week, here is a quick overview.


Part of the trio is a I Love… Strawberries & Milkshake Shimmer & Shine Lip Gloss, not a fan of lip glosses myself but I do appreciate getting this for free. Also in the package, a Nail Girls mini silver polish and the So Susan Wild Awake palette, which contains an illuminating cream, a highlighting cream, three eyebrow sculptor colours, a small applicator brush and mini tweezers.


I haven’t tried the products yet so I’ve not got much to add, but sending this trio is a very nice gesture from Joliebox to an unhappy subscriber and so I just wanted to say, thank you to Adrienne and  the rest of the team for their awesome customer service.