Glossybox January 2013 – Detox.

by Juliette

Hello everyone.

It’s that time of the month again, when beauty boxes are being dispatched and every subscriber is waiting anxiously to find out if their £10 (plus £2.95 P&P) were worth what they’re getting…

There were a few tweets about the latest Glossybox box being dispatched to subscribers yesterday. I have to say I was quite anxious about the quality of the content of this first 2013 box as I wasn’t too impressed with the two last boxes. That said, it wasn’t just Glossybox who had let me down, Joliebox hadn’t done too well in my books either…

First comment I have to make is that the box turned up within twenty-four hours of being dispatched, and that despite the heavy snowing that we are experiencing in England. I’ve never really understood why we had to pay £2.95 for P&P and wait up to five days to get the box, seems like it should be a next-day delivery at that price… So well done to Glossybox on arriving first this month!

Now to the actual box, ‘Detox‘.

It’s back to the standard pink and black design, nothing special or new for 2013 then. The box is well presented but the ‘leaflet‘ isn’t great… Call me picky, but once again I feel like the paper and the printing quality could be a lot better… Just saying.

What’s in the leaflet? Some Glossybox news, tips for a fresh start to 2013, details on the products in the box.


I’ve mentioned above how anxious I was about finding out what I’ve been sent this month. My feeling as I first saw the products : relief.


No funky colours and no tiny vial of fragrance. This month I get a lip balm, two face products, a body lotion, a hair product and a sleep mask.


As always, I’m listing the products and giving you my first impressions.

 Elemis Fresh Skin Skin Glow Facial Exfoliator – 30ml sample (£12/100ml). I’ve mentioned in previous articles that I have very sensitive skin and that many exfoliating face products do irritate my skin, leaving it feeling tight and looking red. The exfoliating beads in this face wash seem to be very fine and the product smells lovely and fresh and I’ve been wanted to try something from Elemis for a while, so I will definitely try this one out.

Duck Island Limited Body Lotion Mandarin & Bergamot – 30ml sample (£24.95/2 x 250ml). At first glance, this sample looks like an enormous bottle of nail polish, it’s actually a small sample of body lotion. It’s freezing cold at the moment, great moment to test out body lotions. I wouldn’t have picked the Mandarin & Bergamot myself (not too keen on citrusy scents in general) but I will definitely try this out. Only drawback is that it is only a 30ml sample, can’t see that I’ll be able to get more than one application out of this.

Jason Lips Bee Healthier – 4.5g sample (£1.99/4.6g and yes, full size is only 0.1g heavier apparently). I’m always up for trying new lip balms.  This one is certified 70% organic, it’s made out of aloe and beeswax and claims to moisturize and protect the lips. I’ve had it on my lips since I’ve opened the Glossybox, I’m not too keen on the odd chocolate scent, but I haven’t had to reapply it and my lips feel lovely. Quite pleased with this.

Monu Aromatic Mask – 30ml sample ( £24.95/100ml). Before I talk about the product itself I need to tell you how annoying the packaging is. The product comes in a soft plastic bottle with a screw lid, I had to dip my little finger to get some product out… This means I’ll have to squeeze the bottle or dip a cotton bud in there to get the product out when I want to use it: not good. This is terrible, right? It can’t get any worse, right? Wrong! The details and instructions are written in turquoise on the bottom and because the cream is beige, the background is beige, unreadable. At least the important information can be found on the Glossybox leaflet.

Now onto the actual product. Standard cream mask, smells like a face mask, looks like one, I like face masks, I am looking forward to using it.

Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Shampoo – 100ml sample (£11.50/300ml). I am so glad this comes in a 100ml bottle rather than in one of these useless sachets, I will get to actually test it! It’s a shame that the Glossybox subscribers get either the shampoo or the conditioner, it would have been so much better to get both.

Glossybox Sleep Mask. I don’t think I could ever sleep wearing one of these but I give it to Glossybox, nice touch adding a sleep mask in their detox box.

All in all, I am quite pleased with this box, especially since I was so disappointed with the two previous box I received. If I’m totally honest, I have to tell you that I promised myself I’d cancel my subscription if the January 2013 didn’t live up to my expectations. I am pleased to say that I am staying with Glossybox, I was not disappointed this month.

Glossybox is a monthly subscription, £10 (plus £2.95 P&P) per month. Have a look here.

What do you think of this box?