Lush Lip Scrub – Like in the Movies?

by Juliette

Hello everyone.

I bought something from Lush a few weeks ago and I thought I’d write a review telling you how I got along with it. I’m not too familiar with Lush as the product they make are just not the sort of things I’d use. I’ve used a couple of bath bombs but I’m  not really the type to sit in a bath for ages. I find many of their shower gels and bubble bath are just too strongly scented. And call me weird but I think their soaps look messy… These are only personal preferences, I never thought the products were rubbish, they’re just not my kind of thing.

I’ve talked about this a million times before, I just have the driest lips and nothing (but Vaseline) seems to help. I just keep looking for products that might help and saw some Youtubers talking about how they love the Lush Lip Scrub. I went into a Lush store weeks ago, a friend of mine was picking up one of their Christmas sets. I just remembered about all the raves I heard about the lip scrub and just decided to pick one up, to try… I only had to decided between, Bubblegum and Popcorn, they both smelled very sweet and appetizing and after many hesitations, I went for the latter.

The Popcorn Lip Scrub is a sugar based scrub, it comes in a small glass tub with a black plastic lid. The scrub looks like wet sugar, and I suppose it is wet sugar… As I said above, it smells sweet and appetizing.


I was advised to wet my lips before applying the scrub on them (the sugar might not stick on the lips otherwise), then to rub the scrub on them before licking and eating (yes, eating) what was left of the product. Everything was as I excepted it apart from the taste, the sugar is actual salted, shame really, since I’m a sweet popcorn girl.

Apart from this, I suppose the scrub did leave my lips feeling quite soft but I have to say it didn’t really last. Because it is a lip scrub, I’d thought that maybe once scrub a day (maximum) would be enough, I needed one every single time I needed to reapply my lip balm and found myself picking at my dry lips throughout the day.

Again, I have extremely dry lips, and so, maybe the product just isn’t for me. But at £5.25, I was expecting a lot more than a very short term result.

If you are curious about the Lush Lip Scrub, pick one up at any Lush shop or here (can’t seem to find the popcorn one anymore).

Any tips on how to keep dry lips smooth and moisturized?