Advent Calendar – Day 24.

by Juliette

Hello everyone.

Today is the latest day on the YOU Advent Beauty Calendar and I got to open the last window. What did I get?

AS London Candle.


As for many of the other products in this Advent calendar, I have never heard of AS London but I do like candles and so I thought it was quite a nice idea to get a candle.

This is a small 12ml sample in a clear glass jar with a black plastic screw lid. I like that the sample actually looks like the full size candle, only in a smaller size.

I am however a little confused as I’m not sure if the candle is meant to be scented or not… The brand states that the candles are made with “eco soya wax and wicks that have been infused with the world’s finest essential oils“, the sample I have smells just like a standard wax candle to me.

I did still burn it, maybe the essential oils are more noticeable when the wick is burning? I have to say I did not smell anything at all, maybe it is literally just a candle?

I just went on AS London‘s website to try to figure out what these candles are. The brand sells eight different candles, one for each letter of the brand’s name, they are all £36 and the only thing that differentiate them is the letter on the jar.

So yes, I really don’t know about this sample, I like burning candles so it’s nice to have it on but I wish I could smell a fragrance. If anyone knows anymore about these candles, please do comment on this article.

This is it for the YOU Advent Beauty Calendar all in all, I will be using most of the sample I got during this month. My only regret is that  I bought the calendar a couple of days before it went half price, had I got it for under £30, I would have said that it was an outstanding value. Though it is apparently worth over £210 and I paid under £60 for it, I feel like it’s just a good price rather than an amazing one. I will definitely keep an eye out for exclusive Advent calendars next year.

One more sleep until Christmas.