Advent Calendar – Day 21.

by Juliette

Hello everyone.

I can’t quite believe it’s already 21st December… The year has gone by so fast and this might be the last article you ever read on my blog… It is the end of the world, or is it?

Well we should have a few hours before the end of the world and so I did open window 21 of my YOU Advent Beauty Calendar and this is what I found.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxydant+


I’ve heard of the brand Trilogy and was actually thinking of trying this specific range, so I am glad I get this 7 day trial sample (2.5ml), this should give enough time to see some potential results.

The sample itself comes in an impeccably presented glass bottle with a functional pipette, this is a plus. The oil itself is clear with a slight amber tint to it and look and feel a lot like MoroccanoilThe scent is quite odd, I can smell a bit of fragrance but it really does smell like olive oil to me, not that it matters since it really isn’t strong.

This looks like a very promising product, and a very relevant item to put in a beauty Advent calendar, with the weather getting colder. Pretty happy with this sample.

Wonder what’s behind tomorrow’s window? Let’s hope there is a tomorrow.