Advent Calendar – Day 15.

by Juliette

Hello everyone.

Today was Day 15 of the YOU Advent Beauty Calendar. So… What was hiding behind the 15th window?

Mirenesse Velvet Lift Moisture Shine in No. 38.


I have never heard of the brand Mirenesse so this is the first product I get to try it. The packaging is quite nice for a sample product : clear tube with a metallic screw lid with the brand’s logo on the side, quite an effort for only 1.5g of product.

The product itself looks like a clear gel with a slight pink tint given by tiny pink glitter particles. The lipgloss doesn’t have a strong scent or any particular taste. How is the texture? Well, I am not really a fan of lipgloss, I find them very sticky, I am sorry to report that this is no exception, it is very sticky actually.

Another thing I don’t like in lipgloss is the shiny effect these products have. This one isn’t too bad, I can hardly see the glitter particles on a swatch or on the lips, it obviously does give the lips a glossy finish but isn’t anything crazy. Honestly though, and you’ll see on the swatch below, this isn’t anything remarkable or different.


Today’s product isn’t great in my opinion, but again, I’m really not a fan (or a connoisseur) of lipgloss.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.