Christmas Gift Guide #1 – For him.

by Juliette

Hello everyone.

First stop in my ‘Christmas Gift Guides’ is ‘For him‘, just a few suggestions of presents that I feel would be suitable for men, husbands, boyfriends, fathers, any adults of the male sex.

Not much makeup in this article I’m afraid, but hopefully this will be a great help for someone who is stuck.

The comfy pyjama bottoms.

There is nothing like a pair of winter pyjama bottoms, big, warm, soft, comfy and perfect to lounge around and sleep in. I’ve had a look around on the internet and in shops and I’ve found two pairs that I believe would make a nice present. If your partner doesn’t wear them, you can always steal them…

And remember, checked pyjama bottoms are the best!

North Coast pure brushed cotton checked pyjama bottoms – £19.50. Incredibly soft and warm, these are very affordable. Buy here.


Ralph Lauren Checked pyjama bottoms – £50. Again lovely pyjama bottoms, slightly more on the expensive side if you want to treat someone to something fancy. Buy here.


The classic fragrance.

Fragrances can be a little tricky to choose, why not stick to a classic? Or a classic with a slight variation maybe?

Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male EDT – £38.50 for 75ml. This is a classic, it comes in a gorgeous bottle and smells lovely. Buy here.


DIOR Homme EDP Intense – £48.50 for 50ml. I love all versions of the DIOR Homme EDP, wether it’s the standard one or the Sport one but the Intense is perfect for winter, it smells warm and has subtle musky accents. Buy here.


The traditional shaving kit.

A traditional shaving kits makes a luxurious present and is a perfect gift if the receiver isn’t trying to grow a beard. I always walk past a Molton Brown counter in my local department store and I always notice this gorgeous shaving kit. At £195, it doesn’t come cheap but it is a thing of beauty and I’d certainly love one myself, if I was a man of course…

Molton Brown, The Shaving kit. Buy here.


The gadget.

A gadget lover myself, there was no way I wouldn’t include what I feel would be the perfect gift. Gadget-wise, I think the iPad Mini wins hands down this year. From £269 here.


What do you think of my first ‘Christmas Gift Guide‘? More coming soon!