Moroccanoil – Worth the Hype?

by Juliette

Hello everyone.

I love writing articles about all sorts of products, very popular ones and totally unknown ones. Today I want to say what I think of a hair oil that is well known in the beauty world, the Moroccanoil Treatment.

The Moroccanoil Treatment is a hair product, the main ingredient is the now very popular Moroccan argan oil.

The products come in heavy glass bottles with black plastic lids. I love the fact that the 100ml bottle is sold with a pump, this is such a good idea to allow us to use the pump or the standard lid. The rest of the presentation is pretty simple, I don’t think much of it early.

The product itself is like a thick hair serum with an oily texture but it isn’t greasy. I should add that this hair oil smells very nice. It can be applied both on wet or dry hair, I personally apply it on dry hair to add gloss. I do avoid the top half of the lengths and focus on the ends, the product does help a lot there. Like any other hair oils, I’d advise that you use it sparingly and it could weigh your hair down, especially if you have fine hair. There is a way to go around this though, by the light version of the product instead, it’s more suitable for fine and light-coloured hair.

I use this product daily, it works very well on my hair and on the hair extensions I have, I can’t fault it at all. It does a great job and I love it. The price is the downside…

This is my second purchase of the product, a 100ml bottle does last a few months, even on very long hair. I usually get the 100ml bottle from as it is sold at a discounted price (as low as £21.50 + P&P). If you do not have a local retailer, is a good website to get it from as it offers free delivery, so the RRP of £30.45 isn’t as hard to swallow I suppose. I bought the 25ml bottle at my friend’s hair salon, at £12.95; this obviously works out less cheap than when I get the 100ml bottle but look how perfect it is for your handbag or for traveling.

I’ve heard of a few dupes to the Moroccanoil products but have never tried them. If you feel like £30.45 for 100ml is too expensive, maybe try the Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Leave in Treatment, I’ve heard very good things about it and costs £11.67/100ml, much cheaper.

I personally think that the Moroccanoil Treatment is worth the hype and I am happy to pay the RRP as it does last months (I’m sorry I can’t tell you exactly how many).

Have you tried this hair treatment or any other argan oil hair treatments? How did you get on?