First impressions – LY34.

by Juliette

Hello everyone.

Just a quick article for you today, just wanted to give you my first impressions on the Louise Young LY34 Super Foundation Brush. I mentioned this brush in a previous article and bought it shortly after.

The brush isn’t like your standard foundation brush, it looks like a classic brush (Sigma F60) but isn’t flat but rather full. It is a big heavy brush with a long wooden handle and looks really nice.

The brush is very dense and the bristles are extremely soft, so soft that I kept on brushing them against the back of my hand.

I couldn’t wait to try it and so I put the brush on trial as soon as I got a chance, that’s when I noticed there was a problem with it, the brush was faulty. The handle didn’t sit securely in the metallic neck and so it was moving and the full body wasn’t actually straight.

Although it was faulty, I carried on applying foundation with it as I already started. I did like the application process despite the annoying movement of the handle and I did also like the finish. So much so that I returned the brush for an exchange.

I did received the replacement brush yesterday and guess what? It is faulty as well and was the last one on the Selfridges website. I am obviously returning this one but will hunt a new one down as soon as possible so I can write a thorough review on it. The brushes are actually available on the Louise Young‘s website so I’ll make sure to put an order through sometime soon.

So yes, good first impressions, only a shame both brushes were faulty.