Same cream different packaging?

by Juliette

Hello everyone.

I promised a product comparison in my ‘September Favourites‘ and I thought I’d write it today. I am sorry if this article seems a bit pointless but I suppose it is aimed to people who use the original version of the product and are worried about getting the new one.

I’ve been using Estée Lauder DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme for years and when I needed a new pot, I saw the brand had a new version of the product and so I bought the DayWear Oil Free Creme. I was a little worried it wouldn’t perform as well as the previous one but I have to say I love both of them.

The noticeable difference is the packaging, the new tub (left on the photograph) is bigger, heavier, bulkier than the original version (right on the photograph). You probably won’t be able to tell from this picture but the newer version has a greener colour than the old one. I can’t say that I prefer  one packaging to the other, they are both nice.

Now for the actual creams, I can’t tell any difference in texture or fragrance. They both are thick and has a very fresh cucumber fragrance, I love that smell and I am absolutely delighted they haven’t changed it. They both have the same colour too, very pale green.

I use both moisturizers (not together) in the morning on top of my serum, then let them sink in before applying my foundation. Both of the creams apply the same way really, they are non greasy.

The new version I have is oil-free (suitable for all skin types) whilst the old one I used to buy was for dry skin. I did notice my YSL Teint Touche Éclat foundation was getting shiny during the day but not so much now that I only use the new version of the moisturizer, and a bit less of it as well.

Another good thing is that the new Oil-Free Creme has a SPF 25, whilst the previous one has a SPF 15. There is another new version too actually, the  DayWear Moisturizer which has a SPF 15 and is designed for normal/combination skins.

It might feel a bit like an odd statement but I cant actually tell if there is any differences between both creams apart from the packaging and what’s written on it. I suppose it is good news for anyone like me who liked the old one as the new one performs just as well.

Now I do love both of them but I can’t only say good things about this moisturizer. I’d kind of wondering if they haven’t just changed the packaging and started charging more money for an ‘improved‘ version… I used to buy this product for as low as £30 a while again, it now retails for £39! If it is really the same product, only repackaged then this is very cheeky…