Naked Skin anyone?

by Juliette

Hello everyone.

If there is something you should know about me when it comes to makeup, it’s that I am a firm believer that the skin is what makes or break a makeup look. If you wear the wrong colour of foundation, the wrong formula for your skin, then the rest of your makeup will look rubbish. There’s nothing I enjoy more than trying out new foundations, BB creams and tinted moisturizers. Though I’ve came across a pretty brilliant one recently (YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat, review here), I am always up for trying more!

I’ve mentioned a little while back that I went to an Urban Decay counter and I was tempted to try their new foundation out. The makeup artist applied the Naked Skin foundation my face and it did look okay, but I wasn’t going to buy it without a sample, which she unfortunately wasn’t giving away. I am glad I waited as few weeks later I received a sample with an online order, it came in four shades and I was lucky enough that the shade 4.0 was included in the selection.

Now I don’t own this foundation but here’s some additional information that might be helpful.

– Packaging (I’ve seen and held the bottles): it looks quite similar to the YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation bottle but is a little ‘cheap’ looking if I’m honest. It’s made out of plastic rather than glass and isn’t very heavy. I was very disappointed with it but at least it does come with a pump, which is very handy and hygienic.

– Shades: they are eighteen shades on total, ranging from 0.5 (the lightest) up to shade 12.0 (the darkest). Shade numbers ending  with .5 have a pink undertone whilst the ones ending by .0 have a yellow undertone. I have a yellow undertone so haven’t really looked into the .5 shades but I must say that the .0 are rather yellow. The colour range is pretty good actually, you should be able to find a match wether you’re very pale or of a dark complexion. If you want to find out which shade you are, have a look on Urban Decay‘s American website, just be aware that the foundation looks quite dark in the bottles.

– Price: pretty good really. It retails for £27 in the UK and this is a very good price for a high-end foundation. I just can’t help comparing it to my YSL one which is an excellent foundation and has a gorgeous packaging and retails for only one pound more…

I’m afraid the first application didn’t go too well. As I mentioned above, the Urban Decay lady applied the foundation to my skin at the counter. I was very surprised with how much coverage it gave, actually no, I was shocked! After months of avoiding high coverage foundations it was weird to not see my skin peeking through. I wasn’t impressed but also thought she might have applied a bit too much and she actually didn’t bother taking my makeup off first, or prepping my skin. She also applied it under my eyes, which I avoid as I find foundation can sit in some of the fine lines I have there. I couldn’t wait to get it off to be honest.

Now for my first application at home, I prepped my skin like I would with any other foundation (see here) and though the product is actually quite liquid, I found it quite hard to blend in, I actually had to buff it in quite hard and quickly. After a few minutes, my face started to feel itchy and I actually ended up taking the foundation off after a couple of hours (I’m surprised I lasted that long!).

I was still determined to make it work so I applied it again a few days later and I’m glad to report that it did go a lot better. Though I did find it a little hard to blend still, it did look good. I think it’s a bit too matte for me, my partner (who doesn’t usually comment on my makeup) said that my skin looked powdery, I suppose it could be that he’s used to seeing me sans makeup or wearing foundations with a dewy finish.

I was led to believe that this foundation would be invisible. It isn’t. I’d say it has a medium to full coverage and I could definitely see I was wearing foundation, it honestly did feel like a step backward to when I was wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. My partner hadn’t commented on my foundation for months…

The foundation lasted quite well, but it did cling on dry patches, around my nose and the middle of my forehead were the most obvious places. I think this proves that it doesn’t suit my dry skin.

I think this foundation would be a lot more suitable for people with combination to oily skin. If you are looking for a higher coverage, it should also do the job. I personally won’t be buying it, not because it isn’t a good product, but just because it doesn’t work for me.

Have you tried this foundation? If so did your experience mirror mine or do you have another story?