Got it nailed.

by Juliette

Hello everyone.

Back in August I bought a few nail care products amongst other goodies, have a look at my ‘Late-August/not-quite-September-yet purchases‘ article to see the entire haul. It’s not been a month since I’ve started using the two Leighton Denny products but I already have a review for you as I’ve had plenty of use of the Quatro, 4 in 1 Nail File & Buffer and the Crystal Nail File.

Leighton Denny Quatro, 4 in 1 Nail File & Buffer is, as its name suggests, a four faced file and buffer. One face is used for shaping the nails, the next one buffs the edges, the third one smoothes the surface of the nails and the fourth one is used to polish them, for a glossy finish.

This product isn’t too dissimilar to other 4 in 1 nail blocks in the sense that each face does a specific job and the nails should be ready to be painted after all steps are completed. The one reviewed here does the job just as well as any other product to be honest, and I think the only noticeable difference is the size, these 4 in 1 blocks are generally quite short, this one is long (the same length as a salon nail file I’d say) and I think some people might prefer that.

Something that might be worth considering is that whilst there is nothing remarkable about the buffing, the smoothing and the polishing sides, I did find that the filing side was quite hard to use as I couldn’t get a good grip on the block. I ended up using it for shortening my nails then using the Crystal Nail File for actual shaping.

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File 

So this nail file is quite different from anything I’ve used before. It is made from the finest lead crystal and looks like frosted glass. The one I have is the smaller nail file and comes in a nice case, perfect to keep it safe, I’m so worried to drop it as it’s crystal.

The nail file does smell odd actually, I can’t really describe it but I’d say it’s quite a synthetic or chemically smell, not unbearable like in nail salons, just not the most pleasant odor.

I am very impressed with how effective this nail file is. My dry brittle nails are filed away into a very thin powder without any breakage and this is quite amazing as I usually have to tidy the edges after this step. There is also a lot less residue after use, it is so much less messy than other nail files!

Though I have only tried this on my fingernails, I really love it and I don’t think I’ll ever for back to classic nail files but I will most definitely try more Leighton Denny products and find something for my toe nails. My only regret is that I didn’t buy the larger size mail file, though the smaller one is perfect for traveling. I’ll get the larger one at some point.

Though I wasn’t impressed with the Quatro, 4 in 1 Nail File & Buffer, I do recommend both products. Great quality and they both perform well.

I bought both products on but you can also order them from