Colour for the lips, colour for the cheeks?

by Juliette

Hello everyone.

Today’s article is a quick review of the Laura Mercier Lip Stain Lip Shine in Mulberry. I have dry chapped lips and I find most lipsticks make my lips look terrible and so I generally stuck to using lip balms and plain old Vaseline. That said, I love a bit of colour and so I have a few lipsticks and bought a pot of Laura Mercier Lip Stain Lip Shine a few months ago.

The product comes in a glass pot with a plastic lid. Because it is in a pot, I find myself having to dip my finger in to get some product, if you can see on the first picture, my nail has made a few dents in the product. Can’t say I like it but then I don’t always think of using a cotton bud or a brush…

The consistency is pretty close to that of a standard lipstick and it gets more creamy as you warm it up on the finger (see picture below). This is a very pigmented product and I haven’t noticed any smell or taste to it.

I usually start by applying Vaseline (or a lip balm) on my lips then the Lip Stain Lip Shine, it can go on quite sheer or as a thicker layer, depending on how you want it.

Now the product is a lip stain but I have to say it feels no different to a lipstick and I never found it left a stain as it wears off (this could be because of the balm or Vaseline I apply on my lips first). As I mentioned earlier, my lips are often chapped and colour can just make them look worse and this is no exception, though I really like the shade Mulberry and I think it looks very good on me, if my lips are not in great shape then it just looks odd. This is a shame and it really makes me sad.

To remedy to this problem I decided to find another use for the product. Many products are advertised as stains for lips and cheeks so I started to use this as a cream blush. Like on my lips, I can apply a sheer layer for a subtle look or go for more colour and apply it more heavily. It doesn’t move during the day and it looks fantastic blended on the apples of my cheeks.

Although it’s only on rare occasions, I still love wearing this product over a lip balm on days where I feel my lips are not as dry as usual.

Get one of the Laura Mercier Lip Stain Lip Shine at your nearest counter or here.