The perfect brush?

by Juliette

Hello everyone.

So I’ve used the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush and  though I’ve only used it a couple of times, I’m ready to tell you what I think. Please bear in mind that this isn’t a review based on long term use of the brush, I will make sure to bring you another article if anything worth mentioning occurs.

First of all I must start by telling you how surprised I was by the size of the brush, it is tiny! It comes in a plastic box and I have to say, I couldn’t tell that was my brush from opening the parcel. Was I a bit foolish to think that a brush with that price tag would be bigger?

The short bristles are very tightly bunched together and they are very, very soft, this is by far the softest brush I have ever touched. It feels lovely on the skin during application too.

Talking about the application, I used the brush to apply my YSL Teint Touche Éclat foundation and am I impressed! I am a Beauty Blender kind of girl so applying my makeup with a brush really isn’t my favourite technique, but the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush is fantastic! I used the stippling technique and it worked well though I had to buff the foundation in to avoid ending up with a full coverage. I think that was a mistake on my part though, maybe I used a bit too much foundation as it was my first time mixing two shades in together.

I have no complains whatsoever about the finish the brush gave me, it looked amazing and so natural! I usually find myself using my Beauty Blender after applying foundation with a standard foundation brush (I believe my most used one is a Sigma F60).

Now onto the downside… And I apologize but I am going back to that ‘size issue’, it was difficult to hold the brush so if you are anything like me, it might take you a little while to get used to the shorter handle.

So, not the perfect brush but it is the best one I’ve used so far.

Have you tried this foundation brush? What is your favourite tool to apply foundation?