Late-August/not-quite-September-yet purchases.

by Juliette

Hello everyone.

So, I have place a few cheeky online orders, hoping they will turn up in a few days. Turns out that despite last Monday being a bank holiday, everything has arrived and so I am delighted to be sharing with you my late-August/not-quite-September-yet purchases.


The first product I’ve received was the O.P.I Original Nail Envy nail strengthener. I have very dry, bendy and brittle nails, and nothing has worked so far. After some research, I’ve decided to order this product as it is meant to be pretty amazing, needless to say that I have high hopes for it. I’ve seen this nail strengthener sold for up to £20 but I’ve ordered mine from here, with free delivery too. Ive started using it yesterday and will keep you posted.

I was a bit late on buying anything from the M.A.C. Heavenly Creature collection, and when I finally decided to make a purchase pretty much everything was sold out, as you can imagine. Though I had my eyes on the Solar Ray Mineralize Blush, I had to settle for Ring of Saturn instead. I have to say the product I’ve received looks a lot like Stratus. I’ll have to go to a M.A.C. counter and ask what they think, again I will keep you updated. In the meantime, Heavenly Creature Mineralize Blush is still available in Stratus and Ring of Saturn here.

Now I’m sure all of you have heard of, but did you know that there is a summer sale on until 9th September? Well, as soon as I found out I was on the website, adding products to my basket then editing my basket, and by this I mean removing quite a few products and keeping only what I thought I’d really needed (or wanted rather).

Here is how the basket editing went :

‘Ooooh, that Seche Vite is the most loved top coat in the beauty blogging community, I need it!’. So yes, I did order it, and yes, I am very excited to use it.

As I stated above I have dry, bendy, brittle nails, and so I am always on a quest to better, more healthy nails. I’ve never put much though on what type of nail file to use and only ever bought the standard drugstore ones but I wanted to try something different. I went for the Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File which apparently shapes, smoothes and seals, I also ordered the Leighton Denny Quatro, 4 in 1 Nail File & Buffer. I have a good feeling about these, again, look out for a post updating you on how I get along with them.

I’ve been using the new YSL Le Teint Touch Eclat foundation in BD50 and I absolutely love it. I just feel like it might be a tad too dark for my complexion, and so I figured I’m somewhere between BD40 and BD50. Bought an additional bottle in BD40 as it’s on sale and I’m sure I will use in conjunction with my BD50, especially with autumn just around the corner.

And finally, I had my eyes on a Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush for a while but couldn’t justify spending as much as £28 to get it. Now, 15% off and free delivery and that was all I needed to be tricked into buying it.

Did I say finally? I didn’t mean to say it just then. After placing this order on I went back to have a look and found the GlamGlow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask was in the sale and it was reduced from £49.99 down to £39.99, I also had a £5 voucher. £15 off? I couldn’t resist! Get yours here, it is still in the sale today and it’s gone down in price too! Now £35.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my late-August/not-quite-September-yet purchases. I can’t wait to try all these products out and tell you what I think.

Have you shopped in the summer sales too? If so, then what have you bought?